My Gaming Assembled Computer Configuration

Gaming assembled computer configuration is every children dream to build the system, which is unique have the latest and fastest hardware. Which have have the capability to run the longest road, with full hd games and best fps possible. So here is my list of the building the gaming computer with the latest hardware and most stable configuration. Which can make every gamer dream built.

Here we bring the best of best machine possible which can be brought with best configuration and capable of handling every games available in the today market.

I will try to update the list as soon as possible to match the latest hardware, whenever the new hardware release. Or there available the better alternatives of the products listed.

The prices of the components keeps changing so to get the current prices or to buy the products. You can click on the link to get the more information of the products.

    Components                                                 Models

Processor                                                       Intel i7 7700K

Motherboard                                                  ASUS LGA1150 Motherboard

RAM                                                                Crucial 8GB Single DDR4

Hard Drive                                                      WD Purple 3TB

Graphic Card                                                  Asus STRIX-GTX970-4GD5

Optical Drive                                                  Transcend external portable

Power Supply                                                 Corsair VS550

Cabinet                                                           Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower

Monitor                                                           Dell UltraSharp 23.8"

Keyboard & Mouse                                       Logitech MK345

Speaker                                                           Sony SRS-D9 2.1

Webcam                                                         Microsoft LifeCam Studio


If you feel components in the list, are not up to mark of building a best gaming assembled computer. Or their you have suggestion or a better product available which can replace the product, feel free to comment below so the list can be updated.

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