Image preview before upload

It is most desirable to preview most images before upload. So as to check the correct image is being uploaded or not. As such this function comes in handy when one has to preview image through javascript.

to show hidden search bar on ready and focus

to check input value is number or not

Create google map by passing latitude and logitude

Google Map is one of the widely used location service available. Here we using apis we can get the location of the any place and create dynamic google. Which can be used where ever we want.

Script to disable F5 reload key

F5 is used to reload the webpage. But often it is required to disable direct reload the page. So the data submission can be prevented.

Here document load event is used to fire on event. Which fires disableF5 function and function check which key is pressed and if it finds F5 function then, then […]

To count number elements in the div through jquery

Counting the number of the elements is quite important in various scenario the programming and html element manipulation. Through which elements can be adjusted to meet the requirement of the various conditions of the code and page requirements.

It counts total number of the of the textarea in the div elements, and prints it […]

List of jQuery Events

This is the List of the different events on which jquery triggers differents functions. Attach a handler to an event for the elements.

Bind an event handler to the “blur” JavaScript event, or trigger that event on an element.

Bind an event to the “change” JavaScript event, or trigger that event on an […]

Remove urls params and append ur custom params in javascript

Remove urls params and append ur custom params in jquery

To add content at the beginning of the each container in jquery

Insert content, specified by the parameter, to the beginning of each element in the set of matched elements. Container Initially

jQuery prepend operations

Result after prepend

list of jQuery selectors

Here is a breif list of the selectors used to select events upon different conditions. Selection by elements, class, ids

Selection by psuedo Classes

Selection by Attribute Values

Selection by the element states

delay jquery event with specified time.

Some times its very handy to delay the execution of the jquery function. So that all the function can be run in synchronous with each other. And avoiding any kind of the page load issues.

Ajax shortcode jQuery post

Ajax request from another ajax in jQuery

How to make jQuery ajax

To check html all elements and jquery has loaded.