Sending emails through native php function

Following is the code sample for sending emails through native php function and it is helpful in sending basic emails of only text formats.

Below snippets of the code are useful when you are sending html content in emails to the receiver and if there are multiple receivers which are seperated by the commas […]

File Upload Multiple Format Files

There are three types of files uploads available in the code provided below. First is for image uploads, then video uploads and atlast music formats files. You can choose whatever is desired according to your needs. Here UPLOADS is the directory constant, where you want your files to be stored. $name contains the name of […]

File Upload with Errors Check

File upload in php is done through php classes. Here we present a form which needs has enctype type of multipart/form-data. Which is essential for file upload function. And contains file type input and submit button. Action is redirected on the same page with the #.

To highlight the text in sentence or paragraph

loop for time in php

Difference between two date in php

difference between two date in php

Download pdf file using php

sanitize inputs values through php

Sanitizing a inputs field, is one of the primary functions of the server side validation. Through php filter_var its becomes one easy, which doesn’t require passing complex values.

BCrypt Password Function

Bcrypt is one of the strongest password function available in today. Through the usage of this function it generate a strong algorithm, which is strong enough to provide security to the best systems available.

You have to provide your salt which is used to make the password stronger Cost describe the number of the […]